With 27 years of experience working with sculptors from the region and around the country, Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden and Foundry is perfectly positioned to help you find the finest sculpture for your indoor or outdoor setting. Our sculpture garden is filled with artwork in all media, suitable for the outdoors. If you can’t find what you are looking for there, our web page is a clearing house for top quality, emerging and mid-career artists. Over 150 sculptures by 32 artists are featured on its pages, with more soon to come. If you need custom work, we can help you find the artist that fits your specific needs and budget. Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden and Foundry is your best source for sculpture whether it is fabricated, cast, carved, abstract or realistic in sizes from tabletop to monumental.

If you are a sculptor and wish to exhibit with us or join our sculpture registry, please visit this link: "For Artists".

The sculptures shown below are all on exhibit in the sculpture garden. Further down the page are additional sculptures for sale, both indoor and outdoor, in all media. These sculptures are not on view in the park.

Click on an image to see information about the sculptor and his work.

Currently On View In The Sculpture Garden

Carl Billingsley
Jim Gallucci
Brian Brown
Steve Bickley
Ed Walker
Bill Donnan
Norman Keller
Norman Keller
Desmond Lewis
Robert Edmiston
Ed Walker
Lemuel Heida
John Mizell
Daniel Johnston
Robert Edmiston
Pooping Fox sculpture
Jules Moigniez
Richard Pitts
Larry Bechtel
Leslie Hudson-Tolles
Lemuel Heida
Don Green
Don Green
Richard Pitts
Junghoon Han
Greg Bender
Ed Byrd
Kim Goh
Ed Walker
Ed Walker

Additional Sculptures For Sale

Nicholas Batounis
Nichole Kennedy
Mary Ruden
Loretta Kaufman
Carl Wright
Morgen Kilbourn
Paul Hill
Ralph Berger
Richard Flottemesch
Glenn Zweygardt
Ruth Allen Harden
Vandorn Hinnant
Peter Rubino
Tucker Bailey

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