Carolina Bronze Sculpture Foundry and Gardens are open for tours for visitors! If you are not vaccinated, we ask that you still wear your mask for the safety of our staff and other visitors. Please call ahead for foundry tours. The sculpture garden is open from 8:30am-4:30pm, Mon-Fri.


The Sculpture

Our mission is to educate and inspire the community and visitors from around the country about large scale sculpture in a beautiful natural setting and to pursue sales of the sculpture featured in the park and on our website to collectors, businesses, and the public sector.

The Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden collection consists of over 27 sculptures that represent emerging and established artists working in all 3D media suitable for the outdoors. As an extension of the park, several sculptures are planned for downtown Seagrove, NC.

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The Gardens

The Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden is a natural and landscaped area overlooking a beautiful pond. A walking trail loops around the pond with benches and a picnic area situated along the trail. With help from horticulturists from the NC Zoo, Carolina Bronze has chosen plants and trees that are native to the NC landscape and will attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife that populate the area.

The garden is open to the public and will provide a contemplative place for walking and exercise. It is a Certified NC Native Plant Habitat and includes information about native NC plants on the free audio tour available in the garden.

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The Foundry

Carolina Bronze Sculpture is a fine art bronze casting facility located adjacent to the Sculpture Garden. CBS specializes in fine art bronze casting and fabrication, using both traditional techniques and in-house, state of the art digital tools. We work as a team with sculptors from all over the country to build, engineer, and install their work. Carolina Bronze has installed sculptures throughout the US and abroad.

Our facility and gallery is open for tours on Monday - Fridays from 8:30am-3pm or by appointment. Visit the foundry webpage for more information.

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Since 1993

Carolina Bronze

Sculpture Garden and Foundry

Carolina Bronze Sculpture has been known for over 25 years as the East Coast's finest bronze casting foundry providing the highest quality sculptures for artist all over the country. We are at the forefront of the digital technology overtaking the casting industry and are committed to lowering our carbon footprint through our solar and geothermal energy projects, energy efficient lighting and extensive recycling efforts.

We are expanding our business model to build a collaborative effort among arts groups in our area to promote the arts and empower the steadily growing art community with the ability to educate, create and preserve the pride of the fine arts in North Carolina.

As part of this effort we have opened the Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden, opening the park to the community as well as the many visitors that come through the Seagrove area. The Sculpture Garden collection consists of donated, acquired and loaned sculptures that represent emerging and established artists working in all 3D media suitable for the outdoors. As an extension of this park we are installing several sculptures in the downtown area of Seagrove. We will be actively selling sculpture through the park and our webpage.

It is our hope that our foundry and sculpture garden along with the many potteries located in Seagrove will be the hub of an arts corridor that include several arts destinations within a 15 mile radius of Seagrove, NC.

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Walk through the Sculpture Garden, enjoy the sculpture and the native plants, visit the gallery, and schedule a tour of the foundry for an inside look at how bronze sculpture is made.

We are located at 6108 Maple Springs Road in Seagrove, NC  27341. Call us at (336) 873-8291. Our hours are M-F,  8:30am-4:30pm. Call ahead for foundry tours.

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