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Nichole Kennedy, Bio

A passion for artistic creation was born in Nichole from the time she developed motor skills. These skills were honed over the years through tireless hours of drawing and creating, and taking as many art classes as was allowed throughout her school career. Coupled with her love for the natural world, she has developed into an artist concentrating on realism. The human figure, and animals /wildlife are her main subject matter.  Nichole likes to work in detail, although not to the point of hyper-realism, and finds the challenge of breathing a subtle touch of life into each piece very rewarding.  Her mediums of choice are graphite, watercolor, colored pencil, pyrography, and predominately oil based clay and microcrystalline wax.  She is currently employed at Carolina Bronze Sculpture, Inc. as a Wax Technician, with duties that include mold making, wax casting and detailing, in-house sculpting, and am in line to be trained in 3D scanning and imaging. Being a part of the team at the Foundry, she has the benefit of an intimate knowledge of the bronze casting process from beginning to end, and of the challenges that can arise during casting.

While this work is not at the sculpture garden, it is for sale through Carolina Bronze Sculpture. If you are interested in purchasing one of the scuptures, contact Melissa Walker at [email protected].

Toad, Not A Frog!

Size:  2"x 3"x 3"

Media:  cast bronze

Price:  $200

A Rose By Any Other Name

Size:  6"x 2"x 2"

Media:  cast bronze

Price:  price on request

Leaping Bass

Size:  6"x6"x 3"

Media:  cast bronze

Price:  $500

Need More Information?

Contact Melissa Walker at [email protected] or call (336) 873-8291

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