Richard Flottemesch was born in Baltimore Maryland, served in the US Navy, has traveled extensively and currently resides in Asheville North Carolina.  He began pursuing his interest in the visual arts in the late 1960s and works in pencil, wood, stone and bronze.  He is challenged to create universal human abstract concepts.

He has attended the University of Maryland at College Park and Atlantic extension Keflavik, Iceland, Johns Hopkins graduate writing seminars, Maryland Institute of Art and the University of Maine in Farmington.

At twenty eight he became self employed, owning and operating various businesses which provided him freedom to focus on his art.  Presently Richard spends most of his time working in his Asheville studio with periodic inspirational trips abroad.


While this work is not at the sculpture garden, it is for sale through Carolina Bronze Sculpture. If you are interested in purchasing one of the scuptures, contact Melissa Walker at [email protected].


Size:  5"x5"x15"

Media:  bronze

Price:  $12,500

Convoluted Man

Size:  14"x28"x27"

Media:   cherry wood

Price:  $48,000


Size: 15"x7"x7"

Media:  bronze

Price:  $9,000

Connubial Bliss

Size:  6"x8"x18"

Media:  bronze

Price:  $14,000

Jeanne Marie

Size: 6"x22"x8"

Media:   resin

Price:  $8,000

Serene Ascension

Size:  4"x5"x17"

Media:  bronze

Price:  $12,500


Size:  9"x15.5"x12"

Media:  bronze

Price:  $18,000

Sabre Tooth

Size:  24"x10.5"x22"

Media:   bronze

Price:  $42,000


Size: 13"x6"x6"

Media: calsite

Price: $28,000

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