Ed Walker, sculpture
New Years Intersection, cast aluminum, found objects, 53"x13"x14", $8,000

Our Approach

Our Story


From the time he was a small child, Ed Walker enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. This curious and exploratory nature led Ed to pursue a career in art at East Carolina University School of Art. He furthered his training at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, building the University’s foundry and completing his MFA in 1979.

In 1980,Ed moved to New Orleans and found a job fabricating kinetic sculpture for sculptor, Lin Emery. In 1982 he began teaching sculpture at Tulane University. After five years of teaching, Ed decided to open a small foundry. There he made not only his own work, but cast for numerous other sculptors in the area.

Ed returned to his home state of NC in 1989. Carolina Bronze Sculpture was founded in 1990 and is located in Seagrove, NC. Ed has continued to make time for his own sculpture practice while continuing to provide foundry services to customers from all over the country.


Additional Work

While this work is not at the sculpture garden, it is for sale through Carolina Bronze Sculpture. If you are interested in purchasing one of the scuptures, contact Melissa Walker at [email protected].

Lightning Over The Mississippi

Size:  18"x 45"x 7"

Media:  Fabricated Aluminum

Price:  $15,000

Skate...A Rift In Time

Size:   12'x4'x6'

Media:   fabricated fiberglass

Price:   $18,000

Balancing Time

Size:   11'x4'x8'

Media:   fabricated aluminum

Price:   $18,000

Balancing Time II

Size:   11'x4'x8'

Media:   fabricated aluminum

Price:   $18,000

Pottery Time

Size:  16'x5'x5'

Media: fabricated aluminum, clock

Price:  $32,000

Ecliptic Sunrise

Size:  13"x 5"x 7"

Media:  Cast Bronze

Price:  $1300

Moonlight River

Size:   4'x2'x1.5'

Media:   mahogany

Price:   $1400

The Square Wheel

Size:  26"x 14"x 12"

Media:  Cast Aluminum

Price:  $2600

Zig and Zag #6

Size:  13"x13"x12"

Media:  Cast Bronze

Price:  $1300

Zig and Zag #3

Size:   19"x11"x10"

Media:   cast aluminum

Price:   $1,900

Reconstructed Cones #1

Size:  18"x5"x5"

Media:   mixed media

Price:  $1000

Reconstructed Cones #2

Size:  35"x4"x4"

Media:  mixed media

Price:  $3500

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