Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden
White Adobe, polyfoam and bonding cement, paint, 25"x35"x72", $3000

Our Approach

Our Story


Don Green received his BFA from Illinois Westleyan University and his MFA from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He has shown his work across the region for over 50 years.

He is intrigued by growth and regeneration, death and decay; new plants growing from decaying old trees, soil and rocks eroding, steel rusting, wood graying and weathering. When he creates his sculptures, he is making his mark in the ongoing process of flux and evolution, with objects based on his perceptions and understanding of the world as he observes it. He wants his sculpture to look human made, affected and moved by the environment in which we all exist.


The work below is also at the sculpture garden, and is for sale through Carolina Bronze Sculpture. If you are interested in purchasing one of the sculptures, contact Melissa Walker at [email protected].

Metaphor #1

Size:   27"x22"x60"

Media:  corten steel, polyfoam and bonding cement, paint

Price:   $5,000

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