Cyro, 120"x46"x46", Powder Coated Steel, $16,000
Cyro, 120"x46"x46", Powder Coated Steel, $16,000

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Steve Bickley is a sculptor and professor emeritus at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. He received his degrees from the School of Art at East Carolina University and the University of Georgia. He taught sculpture through the UGA Studies Abroad Program in Cortona, Italy, where he founded a working relationship with sculptor Beverly Pepper. He is still one of Ms. Pepper's trusted assistants. Bickley has installed permanent works of art throughout the Virginia Tech campus landscape and interior structures. He also created the university Millennium Mace, displayed at each commencement ceremony since 2000. As a professional artist, Bickley participated in over 180 exhibitions at art museums, galleries and art centers.



Size:  32"x10"x14"

Media:  galvanized steel

Price:  $8,000


Size:  25"x14"x2"

Media:  steel

Price:  $7,500


Size:  28"x14"x10"

Media:  stainless steel

Price:  $8,000

Little Alto

Size:  22"x18"x6"

Media: steel

Price:  $7,500


Size:  26"x8"x10"

Media:  steel

Price:  $7,500

Palma Short

Size:  6"x6.5"x15"

Media:  bronze

Price:  $5,000

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